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Stop Pay to PLA

Project labor agreements require all contractors, union or not, to recognize building trades as the workers’ representatives on that construction project.

What does that all mean? A Project Labor Agreement is a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement with one or more labor organizations that establishes the terms and conditions of employment for a specific construction project.

PLA contracts are always given to the NY State Building Construction Trades Unions, in turn preventing open competition on local construction projects… even projects funded by taxpayers! Visit www.stoppaytopla.com for more information.


DOB Site Safety Training

The following is a message received by Brian Keating, Director of JATC.

Good afternoon all,

I am very happy and proud  to announce that we have been approved by the NYC DOB to complete the Site Safety Training and to issue Site Safety Cards. Site safety cards will be issued in two categories, one is for the workers and one is for supervisors, lead foreman, and the Competent Person.  All OSHA 30 cards MUST have an issue date in the past five (5) years in order to sit for these classes. Workers will need an additional four (4) nights of Training. Supervisors will need and additional Eight (8) nights of training. Site Safety Cards will be issued the last night of class as long as the participant has attended all the hours required. The Site Safety Cards are a picture ID and signature of the individual to whom the card is issued. The front will contain the photo, signature, and all the required verbiage by the DOB. The back of the card will have the OSHA 30 card number and all the classes taken and their respective hours.  The Site Safety Card will be renewable every five (5) years. Eight (8) hours for the workers and sixteen (16) hours for the Supervisors, Lead Forman and the Component Person.

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